Investing in the Best Dog-Friendly Vehicle

If you're looking for a vehicle you and your furry best friend will enjoy, there are a variety of factors you need to consider. One of these factors is doors that open wide. The vehicle doors need to open 180 degrees. These types of doors give your dog enough room to get in and out of the vehicle and gives you ample room to maneuver your dog's crate and other belongings. If you're not fond of wide-opening doors, sliding doors are a great alternative. There are a variety of minivans that feature wide-angle doors or sliding doors.

Low side and rear-entry vehicles are a great pet-friendly vehicle feature. Vehicles that feature low entry points are great for your dog's overall health because it prevents injuries, such as broken legs.

Upholstery is another pet-friendly vehicle feature you should consider. Vehicles that have leather or vinyl interior and rubber floor mats are best for dog owners. If your vehicle doesn't feature any of these upholstery types, you can use different removable coverings.

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