Leasing a vehicle does not mean that you have to go without all of the protection that you can get with a purchased vehicle. Chrysler has a few things available for people who lease their vehicles from Chrysler. If you are unable to buy a vehicle but can lease it, you can still enjoy some great benefits.

Chrysler Mopar offers the Platinum Lease coverage which is a comprehensive coverage. With just a $100 deductible, you will be able to get services like towing, Roadside Assistance, Road Hazard Tire, and Wheel Protection and key fob protection for your vehicle.

Other things you can enjoy are tire rotations for every 5000 miles. You have a ton of different terms to choose from for your lease. You will be able to keep your leased vehicle in good working condition for as long as the lease lasts. Chrysler is very trustworthy for taking care of their customers.

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