The Dodge Charger Has Safety Systems for General Conditions on Busy Highways

Every Dodge Charger has safety technologies for common driving situations on crowded highways. If you care about engine speed, wheel traction, tire stability, and highway safety, you'll benefit from owning a Dodge Charger.

The Charger's Electronic Stability Control is the main system that influences engine and wheel functions. While it's activated, you can take cruises confidently in various environments that have different road conditions. Because the system monitors basic steering procedures and vehicle motions, it can effectively make changes to enhance directional control. This system works well with another safety solution called Adaptive Cruise Control. On long roads, the adaptive technology adjusts the Charger's cruising speed automatically. You can use this system on the road whenever you need to maintain a safe distance.

Battleboro, VT has many streets where you can test drive a Dodge Charger. You'll have an opportunity to arrange a test drive in this car while visiting Summit Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram.

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