Using a Portable Charger to Recharge Your Car's Battery

At Summit Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram, we publish this blog to help Brattleboro, VT drivers like you become knowledgeable auto owners. Due to time and exposure, all conventional car batteries drain. Let's talk today about how to recharge one using a portable charger.

You can buy portable car chargers that come pre-charged. Keep one in your trunk. When you find your car's battery dead, grab your portable charger. Under your hood, look for your battery's positive and negative terminals. While the positive terminal has a plus sign on it, you will find a minus symbol on the negative one. Connect the charger's red cable to the positive terminal and attach the black cable to the other terminal. Next, turn on your charger.

Soon, your battery will likely be charged. If your battery does not accept a charge, its components have probably become fully depleted. To drive your car again, you must replace such a battery.

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