The Villains Get the Best Dodge Cars in This Trailer

In order to have heroes like Batman out there to protect us, the world needs villains, and according to this quick spot, villains need the kinds of stunning new Dodge vehicles that you can find here at our Brattleboro, VT Dodge dealership. Whether you're rooting for or against Batman, you can appreciate the stunning new Dodge models found here, so press play to take a quick look, then head over to our dealership today.

Maybe the Batmobile has more standard features in it - we'll wait to see the actual specs in the upcoming Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice - but a new Dodge is beyond loaded with all kinds of cool tech to go along with that classic style and drive. You don't have to be a villain or a superhero to enjoy a new Dodge Challenger or Charger, so come on over to Summit Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram today and find yours.

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